Free Airtel GPRS trick july 2012 with resume support and Highspeed

Free Airtel GPRS trick july 2012 with HighSpeed and Resume Support

We found new trick about free airtel gprs trick.This trick is works for block cards also.Airtel gprs trick is working again with new proxy setting.i hope you have read our previous airtel gprs trick You can use easily get  free gprs trick 2012 using this new working proxy.
Free airtel Gprs Tricks

This proxy can do both for free browsing and downloading.This proxy is works for most of all state of india like delhi, AP, kerala, gujarat, maharastra,punjab etc so try this proxy and get free gprs in your mobile.

Step 1 : make new setting for free gprs

How to Get Free Gprs airtel july 2012
PROXY: [Highspeed and resume support]
HOMEPAGEAs you want...

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