FREE caller tune code| Uninor Caller Tune code trick july 2012

FREE call me tune Uninor Caller Tune code trick july 2012~


Uninor caller tune code is h@cked again by the Indians.Now you can get free caller tune by type simple USSD code from your mobile.This USSD code is for uninor only.using this code uninor users can easily get caller tune for 1 month without any charge.

# Instruction to Free Uninor Caller Tune Trick july
Step 1:Dial 50001
Step 2 : Select 1
Step 3 : Then Select Your catog. Like New songs , Evergreen Songs ..
Step 4 : Listen to the song & To go next song press 1
Step 5 : Then Press 5 to Select Specific song
Done !!

Note : Keep your balance less then 1 rs to get this Free Caller Tune code Trick 2012

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