How to Host Your Blogger Scripts and Files on Google Code

One more Entry in the blogging tips . i,e.How to Host Your Blogger Scripts and Files on Google Code. Blogger tweaks or even adding a new widget to blogger template constantly require the use of JavaScript and CSS for customization. Hosting a JavaScript and CSS proven to be better practices than installing it directly to the HTML. This way, the load time will be more faster and more cleaner HTML template.

One of the free option to host a files is by using Google Code. Google Code runs a Project Hosting service that provides revision control offering Subversion, Mercurial and Git, an issue tracker, a wiki for documentation, and a file download feature [Wiki]. This means, with the 200MB file limit, you can upload any file - JavaScript, Image, Video, CSS, Documents etc with no restriction.

 Before we go further, you must know that Google Code Project Hosting is a shared hosting rather than regular web hosting services. So all projects hosted on Google Code are Open Source, and are available for anyone to view or download.

Various licenses are used for the files served by Project Hosting including GNU General Public License (GPL), MIT License etc.

How To Host Your Files On Google Code

Step 1 : Go to Google Code Project Hosting and fill the required fields. Choose License as MIT License and Version Control System as Mercurial and press Create Project. [More on how to choose a Version Control System here]
tep 2 : Go to Downloads tabs and then click the New download button.

Step 3 : Now fill all the necessary field and select the file you want to upload and click the Submit file button.
 f you're hosting a JavaScript file and want to get the source url, just click on on the files listed..
 Now, right click the link highlighted in red and copy the source link..
 Thank you .


  1. Hi.I have one doubt.I'm using third party template for my blog and the javascript used in it takes a lot of time to load.I want to host it on google code in my account.

    As you said in this post,we have to upload should I save/download those scripts to my desktop in order to upload it to google code?

    1. Open the source code of your template and search for the JavaScript. I am giving you hint that the JavaScript file will be with extension .js

      for ex.

      open this in browser you will get a javascript in your browser. copy it and paste in notepad. now save it as .js

      and upload this javascript to your google code.

      Hope you may get it what you want.


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