Chrome Users Get Desktop Notifications For Gmail

Earlier during the day, we talked about Notification Meaning and that you the Gmail browser tab can tell you if there’s a new email in your inbox, and you don’t need to look into your inbox frequently to check the unread mail status. Gmail has come up with a similar offering, albeit this time the treat is only available to people using Google Chrome.
As the title of the post suggests, Chrome users can now get desktop notifications for Gmail. The notification works for new emails and chat messages.

These desktop notifications are HTML5 based and show a pop-up instantly when a new email or chat message arrives.
Of course, there are some customization options. You could choose to have both email and chat notifications turned on, or just one of them. There’s also an option to only turn on important mail notifications i.e the emails that arrive in your Priority inbox, which is really cool in my opinion.

I think this feature rocks for 2 reasons:
1. As I mentioned above, you could choose to enable it only for Priority Inbox emails. This is useful if you get a lot of emails.
2. You won’t miss the chat messages anymore. If you tend to just stay signed on in chat in Gmail (and don’t use Google Talk), then there’s a possibility that you will miss an important chat that pops up in the Gmail window while you are working in some other browser tab. The chat notification will at least tell you if the chat is worth your attention.
You will find Desktop Notifications option under Settings in your Gmail. It can be easily enabled from there. Hope that helps.

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