Good news for dailyhacks visitors.Today i upload word's smallest operating system for you.This seems to be 1.44 mb(standard version) and 3 mb(for featured version).

The main benefit of this os is that you can even save it in a floppy disc.
Don't think this os can load big softwares.But basic things are included for mail and text editing etc.


Download the ISO file from above link and burn into any cd and use.

This OS supports NTFS file system and requires only 8 mb of RAM to run.
Don’t underestimate this OS because of its size. It has got almost 8-10 games like tetris,
rocket fight(don’t remember the exact name) etc. This OS can be actually very useful when
you have to access some data from age old machines.

You can boot into this OS using Floppy, CD/DVD or your Hard Disk.
Or you can also try using any virtual machines like VMware or Sun VirtualBox.
Tested Using VIrtualBOX

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  1. Go to following link to get full review on KOLIBRI OS


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