Easy Method to Get Credit Card for Students

A new trick for all readers that how to Get Credit Card for Students.Adapted from the famous e-commerce blog www.stocks4dummies.in First thing you need to while applying for the credit card is that it is available solely on the basis of Income Tax returns documents.A simple logic since you are a student on what basis would you get credit from bank when you are not earning? 1. Security Credit Card The first and most easiest way to get a student credit card is by opening a fixed deposit in a bank and apply for the credit card using the same FD account.The credit limit will be same as that of the FD amount.Banks like Axis,IDBI provide security credit cards. 2. Add on Credit card One more better way of getting yourself a credit card isby asking one of your Family member to apply for an Add oncredit card from his/her existing credit card i.e. for example if your mom/dad havea credit card you can ask them to apply for an add on credit card for you but the only problem with this option is that the existing card and the add on card will be issued as a fresh card which might take around 2-4 working weeks andyour parents might have to wait for the new card for a month or so. 3. Apply for the credit card using your parents ITR documents Your parents might bombard you with questions while you ask them for their ITR documents but if you really want the credit card this option might work for you as well.As mentioned earlier banksprimarily need ITR documents while applying for the credit card you can apply for it using your parents IT return documents.This is the last option.Go for this option only when the above two don’t work.

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