Search Google via SMS !! Google SMS Query Trick !!!

Here is a solution of Search Google via SMS. SMS’s are one of the most preferred mode of communication among people.Usually people believe that Internet is the only way to get google results.Recently Google has launched a new service that gives you  access to Movie show times ,Locations of local businesses ,Word meanings ,weather forecast ,Product prices and much more.
So, if you don’t have a data plan (although they are cheap these days) you can still get answers for your queries by Google.At present this service is only available in India and USA.

India users can send their queries at  : 9773300000
USA users can send their queries at : 466453

Here are few Sample Queries

To Get the Meaning of a Word:

Define Apple

T0 Get Sports News

Score red sox

To Get Movies Shows

Movies Delhi

To Get Stock Updates

Stock tgt

To Get Web Snippets

Web hubble
All networks are supported by Google Query SMS service.

Note:-This service is free from Google but message & data rates may apply.
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  1. Ohh..this gives a nice info.. Very useful for nowadays.. B'coz we r not always possible to keep internet with us.. So its a nice idea..


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