Valentine's Day 2013- happy Valentines day

Valentines Day which is celebrated all over on 14th February, is about celebrating that special bond you share with your beloved. A simple and genuine gesture is the best way to go about expressing love for your partner.
It is the day when lovers all across the world celebrate the essence of being in love with a special person.
Valentine’s Day is not just about couples, even if you are single, you can go ahead and celebrate this day of love.
If nothing else, you can celebrate the very essence of love that can be seen all over.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations 2013- say Happy Valentines day 2013

Making Valentine’s Day celebrations memorable is not a tough job. Choose your own way of expressing love. It can be a sweet and simple gesture or even extravagant and boisterous. The choice is entirely upon you; just consider your partner’s choice.

If your partner prefers a quiet celebration, cook a gourmet dinner at home that both of you can enjoy. On the other hand, if the partner is comfortable with public display of affection, have dinner in a restaurant.
During dinner arrange for the musicians to sing out your partner’s favorite romantic songs and you can even propose to her if you are thinking along those lines.

Even the most mundane activities can become incredibly romantic, depending on how you do it. Take your partner out for dinner and buy some nice presents as well.
To make the experience a memorable one, you can have dinner under the stars or in the deck of a ship or the terrace of your house or even atop the mountains if you prefer.
Surprise him/her with your choice of presents. If you have been following a pattern while buying gifts, Valentine’s Day 2013 is the time to change it and change for the better. Buy a gift which he/she has been eyeing for sometime.

Valentines Day Gift Trends 2013

Gifts are an integral part of Valentines Day celebrations. Whether you are celebrating your first valentine day or any other, giving gifts to your beloved is one nice way of commemorating this day.
Some people may argue that expressing love does not have to be materialistic. Yes, it does not, but a gift given with true feelings definitely goes a long way in showing your feelings for the other person.
Make the day a romantic one for your partner so that it becomes a landmark in your relationship. Gift trends vary from year to year. So, the gift which you thought was perfect last year or the year before might not be a very good choice in 2013.
Before you buy a gift, browse through the latest product catalogue for clothes, accessories, shoes, clothes, movies, gadgets, jewelery, sports goods etc. Choose a gift which will not only delight your partner, but make them fall for you all over again.

  • Valentine's Day Gifts for him
There are some standard gifts that are chosen for men when it comes to buying valentine day gifts. Man of all ages love gadgets, so even if you have gifted gadgets before, you can still buy one this year.
Just find out which new gadgets and models are available in the market before buying it. Rummage through his gadget collection to avoid buying something, which he already has.

If your man is an outdoor person, there are various options for you to give as gifts. Hiking and camping gear, Swiss army knife, gardening tools, hip flask, fishing rod are some of the things you can buy as a gift.
Wine, champagne and any other beverage of his choice is one more option for you to buy as valentine day gift.
  • Valentine's Day Gifts for her
Romantic gifts please most women. However, go for something totally different this year. If you have not yet brought a designer dress for her, Valentines 2013 is the time to change this.
Find out who her favorite designer is and fix an appointment. Give the designer her size and any other specification you have in mind for the dress and ask him/her to make a dress accordingly. The expression on her face when you give the gift is more than worth the effort you have put for arranging this.

A day at a luxury salon is a good choice of gift for her, if you are looking to pamper her on this day. Let her spend the whole day pampering her body with soothing massages and a sauna bath.
After the session at the salon is over, take her out for dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Do not forget to compliment her on how great she looks after that session at the salon.

Valentine’s Day Chocolates 2013
Love chocolates are a nice way of expressing feelings to your partner. Chocolates come in all types of sizes, shapes and make and are also suitable for all types of taste palates.
Unless someone is allergic to chocolates, you can safely go ahead and give this as a gift on Valentine’s Day. Homemade chocolates always score over the ones brought from stores.
However, you can always buy those sinfully delicious chocolates, which simply melt in your mouth from the stores and give as a gift, if you can’t make them at home.

Popular types of chocolates are milk chocolates, rum chocolates, dark chocolates, roasted chocolate, center-filled chocolates, liquor chocolates, sweet chocolates, cocoa powder chocolates, etc. based on what type of chocolate you are choosing, styles of packing will differ.
If you are not sure how to pack them, get a professional to help you out. At any chocolate store they will pack the gift just as you prefer; you just have to tell them.

Valentines Day Party Ideas 2013

Love is the apt theme for a valentine day party idea. Instead of spending the day or evening with your partner, why don’t you invite your couple friends over?
You can also invite single friends; they might even end up finding their soul mates in this party hosted for love. If you want to throw a party on this day, start the planning and preparations early.
Decide on a theme and send out the invitations at least a week before 14th February. This will give you an idea about the number of people coming to the party.

Once you have a number, arranging food and selecting a venue become rather easy. Also selecting party games becomes simple. Since this is a gathering of adults, you can select the games accordingly, based on the theme of love.
Music and dance are another integral part of a Valentines Day party, so make sure that you include only the best. Arrange for small gifts to be given out to winners of the party games, you will have a fun time at the party.

Valentines Day Proposing Ideas 2013

Valentine’s Day is the perfect choice to propose to the person of your dreams. If you have been thinking of popping the question, Valentine's Day is the perfect choice for you. Selecting the right location is the key for setting up the perfect mood for proposing.
Take her to a place which is significant in your relationship, like the place where you first expressed your feelings for each other. If he/she is not comfortable with sharing special moments with strangers in a public place, choose a personal location for this.

Make this a special occasion for her, by proposing to her in an innovative way. If she is a die-hard romantic, go down on your knees and then propose to her. Do not forget the flowers and the ring while you are proposing.
If she is very close to her family, then you can propose at the Valentine’s party while she is surrounded by family and close friends. She will totally adore you for this thoughtful gesture and definitely accept your proposal of marriage. Be ready with tissue papers for some ‘tears of joy’ that will flow soon after

Recreating a special moment is another wonderful way of proposing to your girl. You have a number of choices for recreating occasions; it can be your first date, first dinner, first movie, first meeting or any other event which was a milestone in your relationship.
You will require some help for this, especially if you want her family and friends to be present as you are proposing. The timing must be such that they drop in to the venue, just a few moments before you are about to propose. You can even ask for her hand from her parents, before you propose to her. This lovely gesture is sure to win you many many hearts.

Romantic Valentines Day

There is nothing like old-school romance when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. Yes, it is always nice to do things differently, but the clichéd styles have their own sweet charm as well.
Go out on a date, buy a bunch of red roses, book a table at your favorite restaurant, walk down the beach hand-in-hand, dance under the stars, cook his/her favorite food, watch a movie together – there are so charming things you can do on Valentine’s Day 2013

If you are with your loved one, no matter what you do, you are sure to enjoy this. It does not matter whether you are short of money or time, the important things is about spending some quality time with the person you love, no matter who it is. Even the simplest of gestures done with the deepest feelings from the heart will be appreciated.


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