How to Increase the google pagerank of Blog in few days

How to Increase the Google pagerank of blog in few days ?

Pagerank is Google's algorithm for ranking web pages.Higher the PR better the page. so every blogger have a common question in their mind how to increase the pagerank of blog and most of them are very anxious for PR. they want to increase the PageRank(PR) in few days only.Yes this is possible with whitehat SEO method to increase the PageRank(PR) in only few days.still the people are prefer to go with blackhat method to increase the PageRank(PR). on being a blogger since last 2 years. I have found some whitehat ways to increase the PR. I have used both the black hat as well whitehat seo method to increase the PageRank(PR) but what I get is explained by me in below examples. that I experienced.

When I have started a blogging at that time I don't know what is a blog and what is a blogging.I have use the almighty Google as my Teacher and started blogging and created this blog hackbymak and when I come across the word PageRank(PR). I have decided that I should have high PR .I have started to use the any way that I found on google. some was whitehat seo and some were blackhat seo strategy. As a result after one year I got the PR 0. there was a no change I think due to blackhat SEO.

Before a few days I have started a new blog on Result of Indian exam - India results in order to publish the Exam Results of 2013 examination . I walk with the white hat SEO methods and within a few days What I got is shown below.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Have a nice day ahead. Hope you can achieve that goal.

  2. good info.


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