Smallest audio system till date -Pioneer X-CM31

Smallest audio system -Pioneer X-CM31 

Might you don't know but recently Pioneer X-CM31 is the world's smallest audio system till the date. You are able to choose from black, white, red and brown shades, where regardless of the color, it will measure just 200mm x 250mm x 12mm. This is one pocket punch, as it packs 2x15W audio output.After all, who does not want to own the thinnest display in the world (apparently the latest claimant to that particular record has decided on using soap water as one of the “components”, if you can call it that), or how about the thinnest smartphone in the market at the moment? Well, Pioneer takes a familiar route with their Pioneer new X-CM31 audio system which is the smallest from the company to date. This is ideal for those who want a compact CD player complete with USB support as well as the ability to handle WMA and MP3 files. Not only that, it is also compatible with your iPhone, thanks to the built-in iPod/iPhone dock.After all the Pioneer X-CM31 will Rock in the market.

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