Highest Paying Goolge Adsense Keywords 2012

Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords 2012-13

Highest Paying Goolge Adsense Keywords 2012
Before posting this post I have searched a for the Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords 2012 at many places like yahoo, google and Etc I have tried a lot with diffent keywords as Highest paying Keywords 2012, Top paying Keywords 2012, Highest paying Adsense  Keywords july 2012, Highest paying Keywords june 2012 ,Adsense Highest paying Keywords 2012 and many more fillany I am with the LEGAL LIST of HIGHEST PAYING GOOGLE ADSENSE KEYWORDS 2012

$ Keyword
$66.89 austin dwi
$58.30 austin dwi attorney
$54.56 san diego dui attorney
$47.44 houston criminal attorney
$42.83 san diego dui
$40.89 dwi texas
$40.19 dui attorneys
$39.90 dwi attorney
$39.11 dui attorney
$38.49 dui lawyer
$37.57 dui lawyers
$35.80 federal criminal attorney
$35.67 car accident lawyer
$35.32 dwi attorneys
$34.19 criminal lawyers
$33.95 new york criminal attorney
$33.19 auto accident attorney
$33.13 auto accident lawyer
$32.31 dwi lawyer
$31.02 texas dwi law
$30.16 car accident attorney
$29.56 california tax attorney
$29.37 dwi in minnesota
$28.93 motorcycle accident attorney
$28.38 washington dui
$28.25 lemon law attorney
$27.95 lemon law
$27.92 help attorney
$27.88 injury lawyers
$27.68 dallas dwi
$27.25 wrongful death attorney
$27.20 mesothelioma attorney
$26.72 personal injury lawyer
$26.58 san diego personal injury attorney
$26.55 accident lawyer
$26.32 personal injury attorney
$25.83 tax attorney
$25.77 alaska lawyer
$25.75 minnesota dwi laws
$25.72 federal lawyer
$25.58 dallas personal injury attorney
$25.16 lawyer injury $25.16
$25.11 death lawyer $25.11
$24.65 mesothelioma lawyer
$24.06 birth injury lawyer
$23.90 los angeles lawyer
$23.60 securities fraud lawyer
$23.50 estate planning lawyer
$23.33 california criminal attorney
$23.22 san jose lawyer
$22.61 dwi minnesota
$22.27 criminal attorney
$22.27 criminal attorney
$22.19 collections attorney
$22.15 phoenix dui
$21.80 colorado dui laws
$21.79 oklahoma dui
$21.72 tampa dui
$21.61 attorney com
$21.27 massachusetts dui
$21.09 lawyer atlanta
$20.83 texas dwi laws
$20.60 lawyer criminal
$20.56 illinois dui
$20.56 criminal defense attorney
$20.46 defense attorney
$20.46 defense attorney
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  1. This whole saga confuses me the most. I see the same ads on other big sites as mine but my clicks just give me pennies.

  2. Very confusing...I dont seem to understand this ish...Thanks for your effort though.

  3. New Mexico has enacted some of the toughest Dwi laws in the country.

  4. nice compilation

  5. Nice list of High paying Google adsense paying keyword. Here is also some of the Top high paying Google Adsense keywords.

  6. Thanks man for making the list of high paying adsense keywords.. I am gonna try few of them

  7. Thank you for provide this worth full information, i have shayari website and i try the Google feature to get the high traffic in website. This information is for year 2012, so waiting for this year information also.


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