Sony Smartwatch in India | Price of Sony Smartwatch In India

 Sony Smartwatch in India

Sony has recently launched a new gadget i,e. Sony Smartwatch based on Android.One Good news for all the Indians is That Android based Sony Smartwatch is likely to be release in India at the end of this month. Sony smartwatch in India will be available soon .and the Price of Sony Smartwatch in India is 6299.
 Sony Smartwatch in India
This smartwatch provides you the facility of time as well facebook, twitter ,Reading emails, controlling the phone’s media player and use it as a remote for the phone’s camera are all among the features.
“If somebody is thinking of using a device without their phone, this is not the product for them,” Sony’s Stephen Sneeden explained.
So wait till the end of this june 2012 to see this Product in the Indian Market.

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