Vodafone Free GPRS trick may 2012_100% working trick

Vodafone Free GPRS trick may 2012_100% working trick


Step 1 :

Account Name: Voda

APN: Portalnmms


Port: 9401 Or 8799

Home Page: live.vodafone.in

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  1. wow It works..... thanks akshay

  2. If u Allow,
    i ll' reviel suspence!

  3. they are original settings

  4. Hello akshay please tell me the latest vodafone settings few days ago i'm using the above trick but rt now its not working my idm download is not starting my settings of vnap proxy and port is 9401 and local port is 1615 and the idm settings are and port is 1615 please tell me the best way to resolve this matter.............i'm looking forward to your reply as soon as possible

    my surfing is working but downloading is stop plz tell me

    Thanks My self vineet

  5. Try to change the port and try . may it help you to resolve your problem... all the best..

  6. guys itz amazing get recharge of 300rs instantly just for registering..
    I got it.. u can thank me later
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