Internet was Fun,Internet is Fun n Internet will Fun

The title I have choose for this article is come to mind when I show the mail showing me about this offer.The Internet is one huge place where billions of people have fun on a day-to-day basis. To be more precise, 2.3 billion people from all over the world are using their desktop computers, laptops and from recently mobile phones and various other gadgets to access the Internet each and every day. What seems to be even more amazing is the fact that in the last decade there was phenomenal growth of over 500% when it comes to the number of Internet users. These numbers are only there to help you visualize how important the World Wide Web has become to us - it is now an inevitable part of our daily routine. So, the next time you sit behind your computer screen and connect to the Internet, know that you are not the only one who performed this task. Instead, the next time you deny the influence the Net has on you, remember that one third of the world's population is online each and every day, and this includes you too.
The Ideas of Fun on the Internet are varies from person to person and place to place. cause The Different people have different mind and Different Minds have Different Ideas.
Some think that Internet is fun for them due to Social network, some may like playing games over Internet , some are crazy for Downloading over the Internet and many more.

But Whats the reason behind my tilte i,e. Internet was Fun, Internet is Fun and Internet will Fun is as below:Internet was fun for me in my school days cause I don't know the Word "Internet" . As much as more time I have spend on Internet ,  I come across the real word Internet i,e. FUN. I used to play online games.The free online games have come to be the trend with all age groups since they offer you an exciting way to whirl away some time. The games provided to me was with a way of reducing stress in my body and mind. It is a proven fact that playing these games I have boost my mental abilities by making me more skilled at undertaking new tasks. One hour of playing games for free online should be enough for mind relaxation to prevent a situation where the game becomes addictive.
Other Idea of fun in Internet is Watching Cams-The amusement potential depends on what is going on at the moment where the camera is mounted. Try PD Conner's cams (with audio!) or go to the Camzone cams, and you've gotta see The Kitty Cam!
Also try the TC homecams , Maui Man Kai , Big Japanese Pyramid , HD Diamond Head Hawaii , Venereazzurra you  Check out some more at  Webcam Central!Looking for a better way to watch webcams? Try Webcam Watcher (it's free!) It should be noted that unless you are paying for access, don't expect to see young vixens "au naturel", you're much more likely to see a grown man typing into a laptop while in his underwear!

Internet provides a huge Range of Images.There are many other sources of images on the interenet, such as Google's image search, and, of course, newsgroups. Most search engines have image searches, some are better than others. The search engines don't have an algorithm that can look at a picture and automatically generate a description/keywords so they rely on the image title and surrounding text. This results in a lot of strange connections! The way you describe something isn't necessarily how someone else would describe it and there may be a lot of other things that might be described the same way, so if you are looking for something specific you may have to wade through a lot of undesired results.

Mobile is also a good source of fun via Internet.Social network ,surfing videos over Internet , connect with my friends and also with some hacking knowledge I used to have a more fun on Internet.

Finally I would Like to repeat my Title over here. Internet was Fun , Internet is Fun n Internet Will Fun. Mind It.

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