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Play online pacman game in google logo. Google doodle pacmanAlthough one can search out a lot of different versions of the epic game on the web, but the Google Doodle of a playable Pac Man game was hard hitting on a lot of Google users and were widely accepted and liked by a large number of users.
The Pac Man fever rose to new heights when Google uploaded the doodle on its home page. With all the 256 levels, the popular discussions on twitter were about the productivity the doodle killed by keeping people engaged in the game in workplaces.

The kind of traffic that was brought in the Friday when Pac Man celebrated its 30th Anniversary was one-of-its kind for any of Google’s Doodles. As such the search giant finally decided to gift its users Pac Man for free and forever. In other words, that Doodle still exists and Google has indeed given it a permanent space as a Google Doodle on the World Wide Web. All in all, the Pac Man fever has a lot of ups and downs; and it’s ushered once again with Google this time

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