How to Customize Dynamic view Templates

Recently blogger has Introduce Dynamic view templates . But many users face the problem I,e. How to Edit or Customize Dynamic view Templates. This post shows how to Customize Dynamic view Templates.

What can be customized?

Blogger has updated the Dynamic views templates and now everyone can customize:

  • Background Image
  • Main Color Theme
  • Background color
  • Text color and Font
  • Header
  • Links
  • Blog Title and Description
  • Post Title
  • Date Ribbon

How Dynamic Views can be Customized?

Its very simple to customize Blogger Dynamic views Templates.

             Go to Blogger > Template > Customize.

(Point 2 B Noted : For Old Blogger Interface Users, Just Click on Design Tab and you will be directed to Template Designer.)
Widget/ Gadget support will soon be available for Dynamic view Template, to stay tuned, Subscribe Below.

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