Facebook Timeline Advantages and Disadvantages

In order to make it easier for its users to have faster and better experience of the service, has introduced timeline feature into its social site.The service which many see as nostalgic move by the Mark Zuckerberg team has become the most-talked about on online journals and blog sites. The move started five days ago when Facebook first started to test the service on user’s profile.
here I am Discussing the "What are the advantages of Facebook Timeline ?" and "What are the disadvantages of facebook timeline.? "
The new facebook timeline is a tool that facebook recently launched in order to make it easy for people to have all their information on the same spot without the stress of going from one place to another in order to get the best of the site. The timeline feature serves just like a normal stream of news on the go! People get latest information about what their friends are sharing on the site (videos, images, and others without the need of going to the person’s profile page to view them).
Another thing that makes the facebook timeline supreme is, it makes the user’s profile page look more professional than before and allow people to view latest hot news feed better than the formal facebook interface.

advantages of facebook timeline

Number one most dangerous effect the facebook timeline can have on user’s life is mismanagement of personal information. If you do not know how to protect your information online, facebook timeline will be the best place for hackers to steal your information from, so protect it. You need to be wary of this thing because if you do not, something bad may happen and it might hurt you.
According to what EricLeist, a facebook user, he said, The facebook timeline will allow users to put their entire information (lives) on the site. Mark Zuckerberg says in his speech that you can “tell the whole story of your life on a single facebook page.”


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