Android free gprs trick 2012

Andoird Free VPN trick 2012

 I got this vpn which works perfectly
This is for people who cant run openvpn on their phone.
it gives me 200-350 kbps kbps speed on mobile.
No need of any config.
you phone must be rooted.
i have used this vpn thri my friends wifi connection his wifi speed is capped upto 65kbps but when i connect it with driod vpn i get 225-250kbps constant

goto & Search (Android 2.3 rooting)

Warning :
*Rooting may void your phone's warranty.

Installing VPN

first register here

Download the client here

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  1. Thanks For Sharing this such a great information about Android VPN.

  2. I have Hotspot Shield free vpn for android device. Now i can anonymously access gaming websites, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail and Facebook right from my school, college, university, or office computers


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