Valentine Ideas for Him- valentines day 2013

Valentine's Day 2013 Ideas For Him

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with someone, there’s always a bit of worry when it comes to gifts.  The man in your life has a diverse range of interests, but what if your Valentine ideas for him come up short?  Though he will probably appreciate the effort you put into picking out a present, a poor choice can end up making the evening awkward.  If he hands over the diamond earrings you’ve been eyeing and opens a necktie, that’s a bit tough to swallow, you know?  Never fear, there a handful of great ideas right here that you can pawn off as your own.

Gadgets and/or Accessories
Though you might not have the budget to go all out on some electronics two months after Christmas, that doesn’t mean you can’t get him something to appeal to his geeky side.

  There are a host of options available that are significantly less expensive and still very useful.  If he’s a runner, for example, you might choose to pick up a heart rate monitor so he can pace himself as he gets his mileage in each week.  Or, if he carries an iPod as he goes, you might look into a belt clip or special set of headphones geared specifically toward athletes.  This way, you’ve added value to stuff he already has, a sure sign you’re looking out for him. Tickets to an Event or Show
Let’s face it, some guys like to head out to see their favorite band or catch a game as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean you want to go along.  You can score some major thoughtfulness points by snagging a pair of tickets to his team’s next home game – one for he and a buddy, to save you the trip – or grit your teeth for a performance by the rock group he loves next time they come in town.  Though you may have a hard time enjoying yourself, he will appreciate you going the extra mile to spend time with him during something he enjoys.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, either: taking him to a movie he’s looking forward to seeing is a great idea, too.
A Night Out at a Restaurant He Loves
You might have a particular idea about the perfect place to eat when you guys have a date night: a candlelit table at your local five-star restaurant run by the chef with the funny name.  Chances are good that your man isn’t in the mood for another go-round with French cuisine, so why not take him to the pub he enjoys and have some finger food?  As always, the key is to get some quality time with him, so what’s it matter if your faces are covered in buffalo sauce and it takes ten minutes of hand washing to get it off?  He will be over the moon to have you digging in with him at a spot he wouldn’t normally take you.  And, with it being your idea, he’ll be that much happier to be eating his chicken wings and potato skins.

Romantic Valentine Ideas for Boyfriend

Have found that special someone of your life? Confused about how to make this valentine the most memorable day for your boyfriend? Choose any of our romantic valentine ideas for boyfriend and express your love for him in the best and the sweetest way.
  • Pick out a dress of your boyfriends' favorite color. Get dressed, wear a nice perfume, wrap a red ribbon around you and go and meet your boyfriend at his place. As he would open the door and see you with that red ribbon, hug him and tell him that on this valentine's day, you want to gift yourself to him. Tell him that you want to be “The Woman” of his life.
  • Write a message and seal it with a kiss. Send it to your boyfriend along with a red rose.
  • Write a message on a paper. Roll it and put inside a bottle. Spray your best fragrance and send it to your boyfriend.
  • The simplest way to induce that valentine effect is by giving a hug and whispering “I Love You” in your beloved's ear.
  • Bake a special valentine's cake for your boyfriend. Present it to him and propose him that very moment.

Romantic Valentine Ideas for Husband

Thinking about ways to charm the lucky charm of your life? Check out our collection of the most romantic valentine ideas for boyfriend and let him know how special he is for you.
  • Enact your first date. Dress up like a dandy, flirt with your man as if you were still single and finally propose him to be yours forever.
  • Celebrate this valentine's day with a special candle light dinner on the terrace of your house. Decorate the terrace with scented candles and roses. Have the table ready with some exquisite vintage wine or champagne. Dress up in the best of your clothes, wear the color which your man loves on you. Welcome him with a tight hug. Play some romantic music. Be the host and serve him. Eat in one plate and sip from the same glass. Dance to some romantic music. While dancing, get close to him and whisper in his ear the three golden words. Kiss him on the cheek and say thanks for being such a wonderful person that he has been.
  • The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. How about cooking all the delicacies that your husband loves to eat? Bake a special valentine's day cake for him and write a special message on it. Propose him with that cake and a love band.
  • Create a video of some photographs of you two which cover the most memorable moments of your life. Write personalized messages with each photo. Put the label of some romantic movie on the dvd's cover. Ask your hubby to play the dvd while you go inside the kitchen. As the DVD starts playing, appear with a cake and some champagne. Hug him and then propose him for being your valentine on this valentine and all the other valentines to come. Watch the DVD together and enjoy and every moment of it.
The best gift that you can give to your man is your care and time. Cancel all your appointments and dedicate one complete day to the love of your life. Stay with him, pamper him, give him a nice foot massage, cook for him, just be his for the complete day. Live a complete life in one day.
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