Valentine Ideas for Her - Valentine day 2013

Valentine Ideas for Her - Valentine day 2013

There are few moments more terrifying than those right before a woman opens her gifts on February 14th.  The pressure to pick the ideal present leaves many struggling for Valentine ideas for her, and rightfully so.  You want to get her something that shows how much you care, of course, but it’s also important to demonstrate you know her – all of her likes and dislikes, favorite singers and actresses, colors she refuses to wear, and so on.  It’s the little things that make a woman happy, so think outside the box before you just plunk down your hard-earned cash on the next sparkly thing she’ll hardly ever put on.  (Not to say that jewelry is ever a bad idea.)  Here are some choices that will show her how much you care without being too predictable:
Well, maybe this isn’t all that surprising, as everyone knows how much women love a new pair of heels or the perfect complement to a dress they love – but it doesn’t have to be!  If you notice she has worn out her running shoes, sneak in to see what size she wears before hitting up your local sporting goods store.

  This is a great way to support her exercise habit and demonstrate you pay attention to her sense of style.  If you have some knowledge about sportswear, even better!  You’ll be able to pick out some that have excellent cushioning as well as her favorite shade of green. Ballroom Dancing Lessons
There are few things in this world quite as romantic as pulling her close and swaying your hips to a vibrant salsa rhythm.  Giving her a few sessions with a local school pays dividends long beyond Valentine’s Day itself, ensuring you will have plenty more time together away from all the distractions modern life provides.  As you begin searching, you will probably find there are all sorts of options out there, so you might opt for a beginner’s class that teaches you several different techniques with the promise you’ll focus on something she likes after the first three or four classes.
A Great Table
One of the toughest things to do when planning for a night out is to make sure you get the best spot in the place.  If you spend most of your dates waiting for seats at the hottest restaurant in town, why not go the extra mile and reach out to schedule your next trip well in advance.  Imagine her surprise when you breeze through the doors and the mâitre d’ whisks you to the spot with the great view!  This may take some phone calls to set up everything, but she will love the fact you went the extra mile to make your evening together special.
Though you might guess this would be near the top of the list, there are plenty of options that don’t involve a trip to your local diamond mine for a stone the size of a golf ball.  In fact, in this case, just the opposite would be expected.  Find a local artist that makes custom pieces – beaded bracelets, for example, are popular these days – and have him or her craft something unique for your special lady.  You might give them a little guidance as to shape (say, a butterfly) and colors she wears often, then check back to see how it’s coming.  Just be sure to order it well in advance, as quality workmanship often takes a little extra time.

Romantic Valentine's day Ideas For Girlfriend

When love is in the air, give a way to your deepest feelings and express your love for your beloved in the most romantic ways with our Romantic valentine ideas.
  • Make a collage with photos of some of your most memorable moments. Write a note with each photo. Gift this personalized collage to your beloved and propose her for being your valentine for the rest of your life.
  • Bake a special valentine's day cake for your girlfriend. Invite her over and propose her while getting the cake cut by her.
  • Girls love diamonds. So, if you afford, propose your girlfriend with a diamond ring.
  • Dedicate one complete day to your girl. Take her shopping, dine at the restaurants she likes, watch the sunset with her and tell her, “This valentine was the most beautiful day of my life becuase of the presence of the most beautiful lady of my life. Promise me that you will be my valentine for the rest of my life.”
  • Send her a big bunch of red roses . On each rose have a small card with a personalized message on it. After an hour's time, send her a cake and a proposal in the bottle . Call her and propose her for being your valentine for the rest of your life.

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