Adding Yahoo Smileys on Blogger Posts and Widgets V.2

Adding Yahoo Smileys on Blogger Posts and Widgets. On my previous post, I have wrote about How to Add Yahoo Smileys Emoticon on Blogger Threaded Comments. Now let's we hack the templates with a simple JavaScript code, and Yahoo Smileys will apear on your post and widget.

To add yahoo smileys emoticon on your posts and widgets , just follow two simple steps:
1. Adding CSS Code
2. Adding JavaScript code
|Adding CSS Code
1. Go to your Dashboard  > Template > Edit HTML
2. Add bellow code just before ]]></b:skin>

img.bhsmly {
height: auto !important;
vertical-align: middle !important;
width: auto !important;
border:0px !important;

Adding JavaScript
1. Add bellow code after ]]></b:skin>

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

2. Save the template, and done...

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