Top 10 greatest advantages of Blogging

Blogging is a greatest source to share things on Internet. Slowly blogging taking place of online media; in fact Blogging is now an example of online media. Many news agencies buy news from blogging companies time to time. There are enormous advantages of Blogging. Some of the advantages of blogging which enhances performance of any blogger are:

Writing habit improves 

Imagine a day when you wrote your first blog post. I am sure it is not up to the mark and you hate it because of your terrible writing. But when time passes blogger understand the importance of writing. Blogging improves you writing habit to many folds.

Favorite Hobby
Blogging is the favorite part-time hobby of any blogger. They love to spend time on internet to research new ideas for their blog post. Their research include Google, Wikipedia and various online resources which can capable to boost anyone’s knowledge. 

Money is the most delightful feature of blogging. There are many factual ways to earn online money. Bloggers usually didn’t start blogging for making money. But after time passes they realize importance of making money through blog. 
Blogging offers lots of exposure. From India to USA, UK to Indonesia people recognizes the blogger through his blog. This is the most delightful condition for any blogger when his popularity spreads all around the World.

Help others and get helped by others

Bloggers are very keen to help each other. When you have a good knowledge of WordPress or SEO you can troubleshoot anyone’s problem within a minute or you can refer them to any useful article which can help to troubleshoot the problem.

New opportunities 
Blogging opens new opportunities in life. You can open your own services to offer various type of customization, freelancing services to make money online.

Blogging is a very gracious career for any geek who loves to spend time on internet and extract some useful information. It’s very difficult to convince parents for full-time blogging but there are some ways to convince them.
JournalismBlogging is Journalism. In old-time writers write their article and wait to the publishers in queue to publish their article. Now a day writer is a publisher. Writers don’t need to wait in a queue. They can publish any article online via blog media.

These are the top 10 advantages of blogging in my opinion. You can add your own opinion in a comment section. Your every effort will be appreciated If you like this post you can subscribe to feed for daily update.
Blogging brings lots of knowledge. From WordPress to blogger, server to host, blogging to make money online, resources to online tutorials, bloggers get aware of all the small to big things present on the internet. Also blogging teach people to use internet resources effectively.

New contacts 
There are lots of meets organized by blogging community in the city where bloggers meet each other’s and share their thoughts. Blogging is all about meeting new peoples in the blogosphere. For ex. In Wordcamp I met incredible personalities like Matt Mullenweg, Om Malik and Amit Agrawal.


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