Few of the Lesser Known Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 7

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts available for Windows 7. But not all of them are known to everyone as they are not frequently used in a Windows session by users. Here I mentioning some of the lesser known keyboard shortcuts:

1. Ctrl+Shift+Click: Go to a file, press Ctrl+Shift and then double click on the file to open it as Administrator. Some applications may not run by simply opening it. This may be because they require administrative privileges. So now you have a shortcut for that too.


2. Shift+Right Click: Holding Shift and pressing the right click will enhance the send to menu and give you more options to send you files. Normally, the send to menu will contain the basic folders or the most important folders to which you can send your files. But with this shortcut, you can view a number of folders and send files directly to those folders from the send to menu.

shiftright clickshiftclick

3. Shift+Right Click on a Folder: Holding the Shift button and right clicking on a folder will display the command prompt option in the right click menu and you can open the Command Prompt from that folder.

4. Win+Space: Hit the Windows button and the Space button to quickly view the desktop.

5. Win+up/down/right /left arrow: This shortcut will help move the open window towards the left, right, up or down. Pressing the Win+up button will maximize the window.
Hope these shortcuts helped ease your Windows experience.

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