BSNL 2g 3g gprs trick june 2012_free bsnl trick

Get Free Gprs in BSNL 2G-3G for free
Free Gprs in BSNL 2G-3G for free

I have got the new free bsnl gprs trick for this june 2012. Many 100% working Free GPRS tricks are posted and this is the one more Entry in this category.
Follow the Instuctions to get Free GPRS in BSNL 2g-3g in june 2012

Step 1 : Make a new setting as per below
Port: 9209

For Nokia S40 series download prov file maker from here
Enjoy the free GPRS and give me a notification via comment is trick is not working.I will try to fix it.

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  1. not working for me in android in gujarat. does not connect with apn

  2. trick blocked....never worked in nagaland...please


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