Airtel Trick 2012_Free GPRS with hosts

One good news for airtel users that We have found a new host for Airtel FREE Gprs Trick 2012. after a post of Airtel 3G Opera Trick _ Free GPRS trick 2012 and how to check balance of friend for free : balance trick .here I am Posting Two New Working Airtel Hosts For Handlers And Proxy Tricks.These Airtel Hosts Are 100% Working In Tamil Nadu.These Are The Highspeed Hosts For Airtel.All Airtel Gprs Tricks Are Blocked But This Airtel Proxy Trick Is Still Working.Try Out.

Airtel Trick 2012_Free GPRS with hosts

Airtel New Hosts April 2012:

These Airtel Hosts Are Tested And 100% Working.Try This And Leave Comments If You Have Any Doubts.

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