How to Increase Tata Docomo Internet Speed | activate 3G

This article tips might be very old but i still post it because of many people is still searching for to increase TATA DOCOMO internet speed. Its very simple to increase TATA DOCOMO internet speed with 2G recharge have to do only few things to do.that is listed below.

If you have 2G on your mobile ,
Step 1 : First recharge your 2G mobile with Rs. 48 you will receive 2GB internet on your mobile.
Step 2 : Now send sms 3GLIFE to 53333 or you can also send this sms ACT3G to 53333
Step 3 : it may be possible that you can not get reply from the TATA DOCOMO but see after 2 day you fill that your internet speed increased up to 125kbps[can not increase up to 500kbps because its free 3G]
Step 4 : Now your 3G is activated on your phone,when your 2GB complete just recharge with Rs.48 you will enjoy 3G speed without any disturbance.

Note : Whenever you send sms to TATA DOCOMO use 3G phone only.[do not use GSM phone]

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